France? Really? Yep.

Yes, I have officially gone international. No, Im not moving to France, but on June 26th, my arrangement of “Amazing Grace” was performed at a small concert in near Torcy, outside of Paris. I was quite surprised when someone contacted me by email asking permission to use my arrangement. Of course I gave the go ahead and asked where the piece would be performed. I was even more surprised when the reply came that they were in France. I received an email last week from the man who contacted me, and this is what he wrote:

“Hello, we have done the little concert in the place with disable people. The family of some persons were there also and it was a good moment. Thank you . I played violin, an other man was singing and someone was playing the piano.
I wanted to know if we can do it again for a Young adult y tomorrow?”
So it looks like it got another performance at a Young Women’s function the next day. So, I’m tooting my own horn a little, but really I’m just glad my music is touching souls around the world.

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